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Author: Dpelotage

Denielle Roberts

Los Iros Road Erin

Joined In May 2022

About Me

A Creative powerhouse with larger-than-life dreams. Her successes are immense but she’s just getting started. There are a few people as determined as Denielle Roberts, the determination make her dreams come true is seemingly etched into her personality as a native Trinidadian but unlike others she doesn’t stop there. over the years worked hard perusing her dreams and education and helping others around her to achieve their own goals, stopping at nothing to pave the way for herself and others after her. Denielle graduated from Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality and Tourism institute (TTHTI) 2003 and went on to further her studies at the University of the southern Caribbean, in 2008 while at a business class the idea sparked and she got the inspiration to start her company and pursue her dream of becoming an event designer and so D'pelotage Signature Wedding & Events was born. After graduating with her B.Sc. in family and consumer science from USC she went to the United States where she pursues Event design and became an accredited event designer at the institute of wedding and event design (iwed ) Deerfield Beach Florida, she also attended lovegevity wedding planning Institute California where she became a certified wedding planner, corporate event planner and florist. After returning to Trinidad Roberts began a lucrative career in Sales but knew deep in her heart that she was destined for Entrepreneurship and quickly found herself knocking on the door of opportunity which would evolve into a full design planning company doing from weddings, birthday parties, baby showers. Since its initial conception D’pelotage Signature Wedding & Events brand has grown an include a number of business ventures. In March of 2020 covid 19 came and changed life as we know it Denielle did not let that keep her down she began Conversation with creative an Instagram talk show which the goal was to showcase Vendors and their work in the wedding and event industry something Roberts noticed was severely lacking, this venture led to numerous collaborations causing her to make lifelong bonds and business relationship which the Luxury Umbrella Agency was formed with some of the best professionals within the industry, with a career spanning over 16yrs and much to be proud of Roberts continue to reach for the stratosphere. Her vision is to transform dreams into reality by providing class, elegance and professionalism to all her clients by creating extraordinary experiences.


Los Iros Road Erin



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