Although Trinidad and Tobago has a wide range of services industries, an ‘International Services Hub’ branding strategy does not currently exist. The National Services Exporters Portal (NSEP): branded the ‘Local Services Hub’ was therefore created to position, brand, market and promote Trinidad and Tobago as an international services hub.

The development of the International Services Hub will involve the continuous development of the National Services Exporters Portal, inward/outward trade missions, and proactive media engagement. A network of local services firms will also be established to help accelerate the globalization of local businesses through shared expertise and opportunities. This network will act as a local advisor on international markets; develop market entry strategies; organize trade workshops; and provide in-depth market reports. It will also facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge of international markets by encouraging dialogue between service providers, governments and technology suppliers on the e-commerce side.

The TTCSI’s International Services Hub has the potential to provide opportunities to lower the traditionally high cost of exporting as it will enable firms to engage in joint marketing efforts such as joint market research and bundling of services. As the hub evolves, we envision that services providers and firms will realize the following core benefits:

    • Increase profit potential of firms on the portal

    • Increase export earnings potential

Marketing Strategy

The overall marketing promotion strategy will include the development of multiple integrated sales channels that will share a clear, consistent, and compelling message to drive demand to the local services sector This will include heavy use of digital media and platforms such as social media, mobile applications and online advertising.