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Author: DebbieJollie

Debbie Jollie

Castleton Court

Joined In Sep 2022

About Me

Debbie Jollie is an independent business and marketing strategist, digital marketing consultant, personal branding coach and speaker who runs a full service marketing agency. Debbie Jollie holds a Master's degree in Management Consultancy and Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Business Enterprise. She has over 15 years of experience in managing strategies and consulting with brands in the Caribbean, USA, UK, Australia and South America. Debbie is also a part time lecturer at a number of tertiary institutions in Trinidad and got into lecturing because of a childhood stutter. ‘The Stammering Communicator’ is her intentional use of a phrase many will say is an oxymoron! She demystifies the idea that people who stammer or stutter cannot be good at speaking or communicating with an audience. Follow her journey and you will understand how 'The Stammering Communicator' is the foundation of her personal brand and has been the catalyst for many of the things she does in life!


Castleton Court



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