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Author: Andaz Entertainment and Promotions Ltd

Haresh Ramrattan

8 Nicole Terrace

Joined In Mar 2023

About Me

We are Asha & Haresh Ramrattan your delightful hosts at Mountain Palace B&B and Management of Andaz Entertainment & Promotions Ltd. We love to travel and experience different cultures and culinary tastes. We hope that our guest has similar interests and are adventurous to explore our local dynamic cuisine and culture. We enjoy meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Music, art and culture are at the centre of our passion. Our daughter is a budding artist, and you will be able to enjoy her private collection of paintings. Asha is also a lead vocal in her family music band so you will also have the opportunity to enjoy her own unique genre of music, a combination of Bollywood, Chutney and Soca infused with pop music. You can even purchase paintings or music CDs when you are leaving as a remainder of your stay at our home. We are fortunate to be living in a country like Trinidad & Tobago that is so cosmopolitan with a rainbow of people, culture, cuisine and history. We take part in all of these getting involved in the Chutney & Soca music, fete, all-inclusive and mas of Carnival, the festivities during Divali, Eid, Easter & Christmas like the lighting of deyas, attending Parang festivals, kite flying or visiting a number of our historical sites like the Magnificent Seven Castles around the Queen's Park Savannah, the Zoo and Botanic gardens, or Fort George overlooking the capital city of Port of Spain. Closer to home we also love visiting the Saint Benedict Monastery and the St Michael's RC Cathedral. On weekends we love to go on road trips to some of the interesting locations in Trinidad like the Pitch Lake in La Brea, the mud volcano in Tabaquite, Piparo and Princes Town and to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to see our national bird the Scarlet Ibis. Of course, our weekend would not be complete without visiting one of our beaches like Maracas, Las Cuevas, Blanchisseuse, Toco, Grand Reverie, Matelot or San Souci in the north or Manzanilla, Mayaro in the east & Icacos, Cedros, Quinam, Morne Diablo, La Lune southwest.


8 Nicole Terrace



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