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Echelon Management Consultants [EMC] Claimed

Your Digital & Digitalization Services Partner

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Echelon Management Consultants (EMC) is a partnership of professionals with over 50 combined years of experience in the oil and gas industry. We transfer those expertise to multiple industries, by providing end to end Digital and Digitalization Transformation services for micro, small, medium and large organizations. 

We are your business partner helping you PROTECT and LEVERAGE the data on your  [physical and digital] information assets. 

SERVICES at a glance: 

Echelon Management Consultants offers a wide range of services that will transform and position your staff and organization to harness the benefits of Digitization.

  1. Health checks on your existing Document, Records, Information and Digital (DRID) programs
  2. Develop Document Management Program
  3. Develop Records Management Program
  4. Create Vital Records Program
  5. Develop Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Plan
  6. Integrate Electronic Records Management
  7. Review Business Process Mapping
  8. Develop Digital Program
  9. Provide direction, support and training to the organization through their DRID implementation
  10. Document Scanning
  11. Data Entry
  12. Document Scrapping & Indexing
  13. Create Records Registry
  14. Create and implement Records Retention Schedule
  15. Training of your staff for Document Management, Records Management, Information Management and Digitalization transformation
  16. On-going support and process improvements