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Winnow Consultants and Associates

Development through Innovation

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WINNOW Consultants and Associates is a Limited Liability, Business Development Firm that is focused on the sustainable development of our clients. As such, we strive to find ways of ensuring that the client’s organisation remains nimble and profitable through the continual injection of researched knowledge, innovation and adaptive business practices. We seek to inspire, and advise our clients to view their product or service as a globally competitive offering, even if there is no immediate desire to export. It is our belief that with this approach infused into our intervention, we will be able to sustainably improve the client’s company in every aspect of its operations.


Q Why should we choose Winnow Consultants and Associates?

Winnow means to remove the chaff to get to the seed. At Winnow, we do that with all our clients. We place a lot of emphasis on defining the problem through robust research methods.

We then work with the client on finding the solutions

Finally, we provide support as the client implements our solutions

Q What does Winnow Consultants and Associates Do?

Winnow is a Business Consultancy and a Research based firm.

Our Services can be seen on our website- "Our Service" page: https://www.winnow-group.com/services/

We believe that data must be used to fortify all our operations and thus we have focused on collecting, storing, using and promoting the use of data in most of our actions.

It should be noted that Winnow can be hired to conduct business research which includes collecting and analyzing data and producing reports on findings for our clients.