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Tropical Hives Ltd.


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What We Do
Tropical Hives is a commercial manufacturer and distributor of honey, hive products and apiary services in Trinidad and Tobago.

We manufacture our unique line of honey and hive related products in house. Additionally, we supply our customers with carefully sourced honey from local beekeepers, with whom we have partnered to share our commitment to the highest standards of honey production in the most natural form.

100% Pure Honey
All of the honey we distribute is strained and settled (to maintain the maximum pollen content while removing the impurities) and unpasteurized (i.e. never heated above 40 degrees Celsius) to maintain microbial integrity and provide the maximum health benefit to the end consumer.

Return Policy
If you are not completely satisfied please let us know. If the honey you purchased does not meet your criteria (colour, thickness etc) please let us know so we can rectify the situation.

The Environment
As the purveyor of natural products, Tropical Hives believes it’s especially important to ensure we take the impact we have on the environment seriously. This means reducing our carbon footprint by:
• Setting and achieving environmental goals
• Increasing our efficiencies and be economically successful while caring for the environment
• Utilizing local products inputs wherever possible
• Grouping deliveries to once per week, thus reducing emissions
• Ensuring all of our packaging is easily recyclable or biodegradable

We have actively encouraged our customers to reduced waste through recycling. If a convenient recycling receptacle is not easily accessible you can give us your empty honey bottle when you reorder