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Trini Riddims Cultural Tours Claimed

Leaders in cultural entertainment

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Trini Riddims Cultural Tours is a tourism logistics organization that plans, implements, and executes cultural events throughout Trinidad. Our products are authentic, and specially crafted from all aspects of the melting pot of our cultural heritage and natural resources, blended with over 40 years of cultural background and affiliations in Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural industry. We take great pride in our well-established blend of cultural tours, live events in music, theatre, dance, and food and our “Culture Bus”, which take tourists and locals into the creative corridors of Trinidad’s cultural creatives, assisting them define and understand the curiosities of all aspects of Trinidad’s diversified cultures that transcends through all ethnicities in Trinidad.

Our belief is that culture, creativity, and the natural treasures of our environment are the most unique assets any country can offer with a difference. Therefore, we create unique goods and services that will always benefit travellers, preserve the places and the people they visit.  We help protect the environment and the way of life, through educating people of the importance of preserving our national treasures, while having a fun-filled and breath-taking experience through community and creative tourism. Our signature workshops, which give our customers a space to see, touch, taste and participate in mas-making, steelpan playing, traditional dances, and handicrafts items and other major cultural activities are another of our unique features. We create an atmosphere of fun-filled activities that is breath-taking and innovative with guaranteed experiences of a lifetime that is exciting, knowledgeable, comfortable, and worry-free. Our “Adapt and Adjust” culture, showcase our proficiency in our teamwork skills and our ability to get along well with different people, while building, maintaining, and developing relationships of common interests with the people we meet.


Q What do I need for the workshops?

All you need is to be there! We provide all materials needed.

Q Is there any risks involved in the workshops?

Except for the cooking workshops where there is fire involved, and some of the crafts carving tools, the others such as dancing, steelpan, drumming have minimal to no risk involved. Although there are always risks in life's journey, our ways of doing our activities help to minimize even the smallest treat of risk.