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Tringlobe Media Limited Claimed


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Tringlobe Media is a versatile (online) broadcasting and media production company located in Chase Village Trinidad and Tobago, with a growing organic (online) audience of over three hundred thousand (300,000) followers as of January 2022. Tringlobe Media brings to you the latest in news, viral worthy content and any other meaningful programming all in one place. We utilize the diverse social media market to strategically leverage new and existing content with an aim to attract a wider interactive viewership for the sole purpose of adding value to both users and partners. Tringlobe Media Limited also specializes in social media management, overseeing accounts on a number of influential social media platforms and WhatsApp (with an audience of approximately 5000 + members in various active groups), an approved article publishing web-app (built ‘’in house”) (Tringlobe App) where we post all our articles and content, We receive instant news updates and other engaging content from our followers straight to our WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, Website and other sources, in addition, we produce our own original content while offering all of these services to the public. Last but not least, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to always remain visible and relevant, while continuously maximizing the many opportunities that the social media market has to offer. We do extensive research on ways to keep creating more engaging and valuable content as we continue to grow our online following and bring quality technologically advanced solutions to you.