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Our Services

Inspections & Mapping
Inspections of solar panels, buildings, bridges, roadways, roofs, cell towers, power lines, cooling towers, oil and gas infrastructure.

Construction Site Surveys
Collect comprehensive data for site planning and modelling. Offer cost-effective volume calculations and analysis. Identify challenges and opportunities presented by the terrain to assist every phase of a construction project.

Monitor Progress
Monitor and track productivity on all your small-scale and large-scale construction projects with detailed aerial views coupled with high quality, recorded and live updates.

2D/3D Modelling
Accurate 2D and 3D aerial maps and topographic surveys – drones capture detailed photos of a large area, allowing you to identify obstacles and take advantage geo-spatial data.

Aerial Photography & Videography
From special events and sporting activities to commercial development, our skilled pilots and creative photographers can capture the perfect shot. We’ll do all the flying and all of the postproduction also.

S.A.R/ Disaster Response
Effective disaster relief efforts start with a sound situational assessment. At this critical stage, drones provide a more efficient means of data collection than traditional ground-based and manned aerial methods. They are uninhibited by fallen trees, downed powerlines or rubble.

Agriculture And Farming
Farmers today are using drones to capture imagery that automates plant counting, evaluates plant health, monitor field performance, crop dusting/spraying, irrigation management and more.
Real Estate Marketing
One of the newest trends in real estate is using drones to take awesome aerial images which provide a unique perspective when it comes to featuring property. Drones are being used for all types of real estate listings including residential homes, apartments, resorts, vacant land, commercial properties, and more.

Drone Technology Training
The objective of our drone technology training course is to take persons with little to zero knowledge of drone technology and its various applications to an intermediate level of proficiency in drone operations. This will prove beneficial to any organisation looking to integrate drones into their workflow.