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Siel Environmental Services Limited Claimed


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Hello, and welcome to Siel Environmental Services Limited! We are a social enterprise specializing in waste education, waste management training, and waste project consultancy.
Founded in 2015 by our CEO and Principal Consultant, Mrs. Sian Cuffy-Young, we are laser-focused on our goal to transform the local waste landscape by delivering effective waste education, training and tools to countless consumers and organisations across the Caribbean. Our services include:
  • Waste management strategy consulting for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Circular economy and resource management training programmes and workshops to improve waste efficiency.
  • Customized interactive waste education programmes, online courses, tools and resources (virtual and physical).
We are passionate about raising the bar and giving a new voice to waste education in the Caribbean, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Our milestone includes:

We believe that collaboration is the new currency and that creating strategic and long-lasting relationships is key to taking us forward and accomplishing our mission.


Q What is Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste includes the very large items in your home such as furniture (couches, beds, tables, chairs etc.), fridges, stoves, mattresses, washing machines. dryers and microwaves.
These are taken by your City / Borough / Regional Corporations in your area.

Q What is e Waste

E-waste or Waste from Electronic or Electrical Equipment (WEEE) is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life."
Items included in this category are Computers (desktops and laptops), televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, cell phones and even fax machines. These products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled.

Q How to dispose of used cooking oil?

Eco-impact is leading the way in terms of creating fuel out of cooking oil. They are under the HADCO Group in San Juan
They can be reached at 633-3609 or 748-4617

Q What is Organic Waste?

Have you been throwing away all those beautiful cucumber and potato skins, burnt rice or even cereal boxes?

Composting is the process where what comes from the earth returns to the earth or in other words become nutrient rich soil that your plants and gardens will love. NO ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZER NEEDED!

One of the best ways to manage your food or kitchen waste is to compost it.

We host a workshop each month and you can go to our Facebook page – Siel Environmental Services Limited or email us at sielenvironmentaltt@gmail.com to sign up for our next workshop!

Q How can you dispose Paper Waste?

Paper Waste not only includes the computer paper in the printer but cardboard as well.

The following companies accept white or coloured ledger (aka computer paper), paper from notebooks, copy books and diaries, envelopes, magazines and books bound with staples or sewn together.

Ace Recycling (Arima) – 290-2970/2975
Recycling Waste Logistics Limited – 770-7595

Q What are some other types of waste and their disposal methods?

STYROFOAM (Clean) i.e. that has not been contaminated by food and in large quantities (packaging material):
Recycling Waste Logistics – 770-7595

BK Holdings - 673-0067 (Freeport, Couva)
Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited - 651-1306 / 648-8481 (La Brea)

Chabilal Enterprises - 488-7818
Far East Recycling - 640-1163

Green Engineering - 624-1132
Piranha International Limited - 223-7444

Q Do you have any materials that can be used to teach children about waste?

Yes we do. Our children's book, the first local book series on waste management called Ky's Magical Adventures - where the garbage goes is available for purchase.
Click the link to purchase and/or view our local bookstores