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Rancho Quemado Estate


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Rancho Quemado Estate Limited (Established 2007) is comprised of 45 Acreas located at 1 3/4 mile road Rancho Quemado. The area is rich in history producing mostly cocoa but also bananas and citrus. Back in 1924 when Trinidad was a source of a much larger volume of Cocoa, this area was known as Queensland Estate.

We are a strong advocate for the revitalization of the cocoa industry in Trinidad and Tobago, plant cocoa trees any chance we get, and we currently grow our cocoa trees the “organic” way. We make orange juice, involved in epiculture (bees), involved in aquaculture (tilapia), make manure, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and local creole chocolate the old fashioned way.

Currently Rancho Quemado Estate processes and delivers all its dried cocoa beans to Cocobel, a chocolate factory located on Fitt Street in Woodbrook. Cocobel makes beautiful fine flavor gourmet chocolates utilizing fresh herbs and spices and tropical fruits in season. Some of Cocobel’s flavors are mango pepper, pineapple chow, guava cheese, sorrel, passionfruit, and tonka bean.

RQEL is aiming to expand its post harvest facilities so that we can be a hub for other small cocoa farmers in the area. This way a high quality standard can be maintained for beans being produced and prepared for making fine flavor chocolates.

RQEL also manages an agro/eco-tourism park on the estate. It is unique as there is a mini zoo and waterfall along the nature trail, sheds to rent, fishing jetty, and educational tours on animals, aquaculture, epiculture, and cocoa farming. We are trying to preserve local culture and educate young and old on same. Recently we also embarked our journey to the rehabilitation of wildlife program where we would be able to care for injured wildlife animals.

We will continue to be dynamic by nature with our #1 goal of cocoa perfection and maximization.