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Ramkaran Contracting Services Limited Claimed

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Ramkaran Contracting Services Limited is a General Contractor that provides Construction, Maintenance and Janitorial Services.
Ramkaran Contracting Services Limited has been in operation since 2005 with the objective of providing essential Building/Construction and Maintenance services mainly to the Construction Sector.

What can we do for you?
Our main areas of work are in are in residential design and construction, minor civil engineering projects, for example box drains, foot path, recreational ground maintenance / repairs etc.

Maintenance and Janitorial
In 2008 we found it fit to diversify and get into the Maintenance and Janitorial Sector, due to the downturn in the Construction Industry.

We can provide a range of construction services which cover Construction Project management, Technical support and Quality Management, Risk Management etc

Key Areas
• Services provided to the residential market during construction

We have provided services to a number of residential home owners from conceptual layout through to construction drawings and plan.
Typically, our services cover all stages of the home-owner’s requirements which can range from:
• Design and layouts
• Construction Estimates
• Bills of Quantities
• Architectural layouts
• Structural layouts
• Services layouts (Electrical, water and waste disposal)
• Submission of plans to the authorities

CAD Services
Key Areas
• Architectural drawings
• Structural drawings

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
In 2012 we invested in a new venture providing Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services to the Residential and Commercial Market.
Key Areas:
• Landscaping
• Lawn Maintenance
• Horticulture – Landscape Gardening