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Power Media Hub Co. Ltd. Claimed

Engage your brand

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Power Media Hub LLC is a management firm specializing in PR and Talent consulting, Intellectual Property advocacy and training, as it relates to the Creative Industries, social media, digital media, events management services & more. Central to what we do is brand engagement. We are dreamers, creatives, visionaries with a goal to transform the look and feel of our clients’ brand, for global appeal and customer recognition. With an innate desire to serve, challenge boundaries and break glass ceilings, this company was formed. We are about transformation. We aim to create memories for you and for us, through branding, documentation and capturing the moments that count. Service is at the helm of what we do. We’ve worked with individuals and companies to help them get their message out to the right audience. It’s an on-going journey and we love what we do! We exist to transform lives through engagement and execution. Realizing visions: one creation, idea, concept at a time… Engage your brand!
Our mission is to offer a suite of publicity and management services to our clientele of the highest standard.
What we do:
• Consultation
• Content creation
• Public Relations: media launches, bookings, releases etc.
• Intellectual Property advocacy and training
• Proposals
• Publications/ Brochures
• Web Design
• Social media management
• Idea conceptualization
• Proof reading and editing

• Event management & coordination
• Social Media Marketing
• Product launches

Some of the clients we’ve provided services to:
• Aegis Business Solutions
• Little Carib Theatre
• The Normadie Hotel
• Gayelle Ltd.
• Chaguaramas Military Museum
• Culture House and more…

Talent Management/Consulting:
Over the years we’ve managed and work with a range of artists in the following genres: Neo-Soul, R&B, Folk, Jazz, Reggae and Gospel.