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Phillips General Contracting Limited Claimed

Quality Guaranteed Through Competence

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For the past 35 years, Phillips General Contracting Limited (PGCL) has been providing a range of electrical and instrumentation services to Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector including preventive maintenance solutions, testing & calibration, nitrogen gas purging, and training and development, the latter, in tandem with our sister company, PGCL Workforce Development Centre. Our tagline highlights our continuous commitment to our customers over the years ,

Quality Guaranteed Through Competence”


PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE – visual inspection,
equipment cleaning, function testing, calibration and servicing on process instruments
TESTING AND CALIBRATION – hydrostatic/leak/function testing, calibration of indicators, recorders, PSVs, and transmitters
NITROGEN GAS PURGING – of piping and vessels
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT – assessing and training personnel


PGCL has worked with BPTT, NGC, Powergen,Petrotrin, Massy Wood, KENSON and Eastern Regional Health Authority. Noteworthy projects include pigging/leak testing of pig launchers & receivers, LACT unit instrumentation
verification/calibration, 4” NGC instrument verification/calibration, leak testing & nitrogen purging of 8” flare header, tank 5 refurbishment E&I construction, and NGC PRV & PSV service and recertification in both Trinidad and Tobago


  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United States of America – NEW YORK AND FLORIDA