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We at Pellau Media are your E-Commerce Agency! What does that mean? Our Services are: Building your online presence. We can design your website along with every other digital touch point for your brand. This includes e-commerce, social media, advertising and the visuals needed to engage your potential customer. Managing your website (add/remove products, check on orders, make adjustments)
Marketing/Advertising (Creation of Ad Visuals, Online Ad Management to drive traffic to your new website), Chatbot development (Now that 1000’s of visitors are interested, who’s going to answer all their questions?), Branding/Rebranding (Does your branding work for your new online business? Our team of graphic artists can assist. We can revamp your logo and other visuals), Shipping and Logistics to import your products or raw materials. What other help do you need? We are your partners in this new journey to become an e-commerce success story!