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North Eastern Copy Centre & Home Goods Claimed

Quality matters here! More than Ink, we provide solutions.

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For All Your Printing, Graphic Design & Household Needs.
We Offer a wide range of High Quality, Cost Effective and Best Solutions for Commercial, Retail and Digital Printing.


Q Do you Photocopy?

Yes, we do.

We do Printing, Photocopying and Scanning of Documents.

Q Do you Laminate?

Yes, we do.

Q Do you Type Documents?

Yes, we do.

We do Cover Letters, Resumes, Invoices, Rental Agreements etc.

Q Do you Print T-Shirts, Cups, Bottles etc.?

Yes, we do.

We provide a wide variety of Retail and Commercial Printing for various Items such as; Cups, Diaries, Keychains, Labels, Mousepads, Pens, Pillows, T-Shirts, Tumblers, Water Bottles etc.

We also do; Company Tees, Family Reunion Tees, Team Tees and Uniforms.