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Non Destructive Testers Limited Claimed


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Non Destructive Testers Limited (NDTL) was established in 1990 and incorporated three years after, to provide a range of inspection, testing and heat treatment services to the petroleum, petrochemical and other energy related sectors of industry. The company is led by a team of certified professionals who have spent the major part of their working lives in the practice of the technology which they offer to their clients. Their combined qualifications, experiences and expertise have provided an excellent foundation for this company. Its office which is strategically located in San Fernando, South Trinidad, is supplemented by a holding yard for all portable darks rooms and large equipment at Plaisance Park, Claxton Bay, Trinidad. Together, with sufficient certified and experienced technicians and calibrated and well maintained equipment, NDTL is well poised to serve the growing needs of industry well into the twenty-first century. At present, NDTL employs a staff of eighty (50) permanent employees and seventy-one (62) part-time Technicians that are utilized as service demands.