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Mustapha’s Engineering Works Limited


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Mustapha’s Engineering Works Limited prides itself on our 56 years of experience in the automotive and industrial machine shop industry. We are the country’s leading engineering service company which specializes in;
Specialized Welding
Metal Spraying (Metal Finishing)
On-Site Machining
Turbine and Compressor Assembly and Repairs
Pump Diagnostics and Repairs
Automotive Repairs and Modifications
Bearing Casting using babbit
Reverse engineering
Turning, milling and grinding
Component manufacturing
Metal Stitching (Metalock)
Structural & Specialized Metal Fabrication
Structural Analysis
Eco-Friendly, Dustless Sandblasting (Ecoquip)
Computer Aided Design
Project planning & Evaluation
Electrical & Mechanical Troubleshooting
Computer Aided Surface Modeling & Design