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Monster Media Group Limited Claimed


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It’s all quite simple: Monster Media makes good ads.

Because we’re a mid-size advertising agency staffed by digital natives (you know, the guys with the headphones and the screen-shaped eyes) we’re better poised to deliver your message to a digitally connected audience.

We have more web developers under our roof than any other agency in the Caribbean. This means that your content gets onto your website and social media more quickly.

At Monster, you won’t ever talk to an account executive. (They don’t exist here.) Instead, you’ll communicate directly with the creative folks’the graphic designers and web developers who actually bring your vision to life. By cutting out the middle-man, we can deliver your vision on-time and to-order, with fewer changes needed to the final product.

Whether you’re looking for a newspaper ad, a fast and functional website, or an integrated digital campaign that stretches the bounds of your own imagination, nothing is too fanciful for us to produce.

It’s hard being smarter than the competition, but at Monster, we try our best to cope.

We’d be happy to help you do the same..