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MH Percussion Ltd

Taking your music to the world

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MH Percussion Ltd Profile:

At MH Percussion Ltd we:

  • Train the trainers to teach the steelpan at elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  • Build steelpan programs for schools and communities.
  • Supply all steelpan instruments and accessories.
  • Arrange, score, and supply steelpan music to school orchestras and steelbands for solo, duets, quartets and small ensembles.
  • Publish steelpan music books
  • Provide training in techniques of playing the steelpan.
  • Provide training in steelpan making, blending and tuning.

More specifically, MH Percussion  offers the following services; 


  1. Transcribe music for steelbands from recordings or any other source.
  2. Adaptation of music from all types of conventional scores to steelband scores
  3. Transcribe original compositions of steelpan composers


  1. Arrange music for school steel orchestras, soloists, duets, small ensembles or any other combination of steelpan instruments.
  2. Prepare arrangements for repertoires of various occasions e.g. Carnivals, Christmas, Religious, School Concerts, and Graduations etc.


  1. Music Teacher training in the rudiments of steelpan
  2. Steelpan Instructor training
  3. Training in the skills and techniques used in playing the steelpan
  4. Basic arranging for the steelpan
  5. Advanced arranging for the steelpan
  6. Care and Maintenance of the steelpan instrument
  7. Basic steelpan tuning/blending
  8. Steelpan construction


  1. Song Books containing scores for the steelpan
  2. Steelpan instructional books for schools.

Online sheet music downloads 

  1. Sheet music download of all genres/types of music written for the steelpan via mhpercussion.com

Steelpan Instruments and Accessories

All the various Steelpan instruments, Steelpan protective cases and Steelpan Stands/sticks are available.

  • Tenor
  1. Double Tenor
  2. Double Second
  3. Guitar
  4. Cello
  5. High Bass/Tenor Bass
  6. 6- Bass/Low Bass

Instruments provided by Perfect Cadence

The Tenor Pan

The tenor or Soprano steelpan as shown below has a range from C4 to E6 and has 29 notes. This instrument usually plays the Melody of a song. 

   The Double Tenor

The Double Tenor steelpan has a range from F3 to B5 and has 31 notes and usually plays harmony.

The Double Second

The Double Seconds or alto steelpan set has a range of notes from E3 to A5 and has 30 notes. This steelpan usually plays counter melody and strums rhythmically.

The Double Guitar

The Double Guitar Range from C#3 to G#4 and has 20 notes (Harmony Tenor Voice)

The Triple Cello

The Triple Cello Range from C3 to B4 and has 24 notes (Harmony Tenor Voice)

 The Four Cello

The Four Cello Range from B2 to C#5 and has 28 notes (Harmony Tenor Voice, Melody).

 The Tenor Bass

The Tenor Bass has a range from F2 to E4 and has 24 notes

 The Six Bass or Low Bass

The Six Bass Range from Bb1 to Eb3 and has 18 notes