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Leaves of Life Claimed

GLoCaL Knowledge Research Information Services & Resources Celebrating Knowledge Valuing Experience

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Leaves of Life (LOL) is a knowledge-based non-governmental organisation founded in 2000 and registered in 2012 through the Companies Act of Trinidad Tobago as a private, autonomous, independent, not-for-profit organisation, working in the public interest.

It is a legacy initiative of Dr Kris Rampersad to promote gender and culture sensitive knowledge sharing, to grow respect and appreciation for the diverse indigeneous, folk and migrant cultural and creative heritage of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and aligned diasporas across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

It grew out of a recognised need for better facilitation and facilities for development of the knowledge assets of Trinidad and Tobago, its Caribbean and global diasporas in the first instance, and thence for engagements of the region with international communities of and broader communities of interests across the globe, encompassing small islands states and the Global South

 Leaves of Life functions as a blended online and offline/physical facility at the centre of a satellite of communities of interests, networks, collaborators, creators and well-wishers in the public, private, NGO/CBOs academic, media spheres.

It primary aims are to:

  • Accrue value to creative, cultural and literary products and services for use by the upstream and downstream value chains across educational, entertainment, industrial, corporate, media and other sectors; enhance the capacity of knowledge holders, creatives and cultural workers to enjoy sustainable livelihoods; pursue community-based income-generating activities; and encourage commercial and altruistic support and investments in creative knowledge-based initiatives.
  • Promote respect, appreciation, value and commercial and philanthropic investments in the Knowledge, IP, Creative Industries and Literary Heritage and Cultural Tourism
  • Enhance the region’s knowledge resource base to become more accessible and relevant to educational, industrial and other service needs;
  • Facilitate greater readiness of intellectual assets to enable better participation in the global knowledge economy.
  • Establish and grow linkages among countries of the region and associated diasporas
  • Develop co-operations, partnerships, linkages and gender and culture sensitive engagements to attract philanthropic support and investments in knowledge based products and services, IP, Creative Education, Literary Heritage and Cultural Tourism.
  • Advance equitable development between north-south, developed/developing countries.
  • For strategy, advice, creative concepts, content creation, communications and connections make contact and visit www.krisrampersad.com and  follow on social media