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The idea that spawned Ixanos Limited in August 1999 had its origins in the Organization of American States (OAS), a sponsored project at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of The West Indies (UWI), as the Real Time Systems Group (RTSG).

This was originally the Micro-Processor Development Project that aimed to produce a cadre of Systems Development Engineers and research scientists to support the regional industries in the then new emerging microcomputer technologies.

Ixanos Limited is now a privately owned company spun out from under the original Real Time Systems Group, and supports the development of new unique industry systems as well as supporting third party systems of all types.

It is indeed the first private sector company in Information Technology spawned by UWI.

Ixanos maintains the genuine ethos to building the economy of the country and the region through aiding entrepreneurial development and Industry support.

Ixanos is partnered with many global technology companies including Telecommunications, Power Generation and Distribution, Business Support Systems, Water Utilities as well as Manufacturing and in doing so enabling Technology hybrid holistic solutions.