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iBot Company Limited

Tomorrow's Solutions, Today!

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A private security company providing advanced artificially intelligent security solutions to local communities with growing security threats and concerns. Our modern approach provides customizable unobtrusive security experiences for our customers.

We have a clear understanding of the industry requirements and growing security and safety challenges and our objectives align directly to counteract these threats.

Our products and services will create, or complement and enhance any existing security infrastructure. We have and will continue to use tried and tested equipment and from suppliers who have a reliable and proven track records.

Our systems are designed to intelligently identify threats and in doing so, complements and enhances any existing security arrangement. To be effective, our surveillance system must meet the following objectives:

  • Identify potential threats
  • Deter theft
  • Detect suspicious activity
  • Deter opportunist malpractice
  • Aid fire / flood detection and safety
  • Enhance and improve existing security arrangements.


Q What is the purpose of an artificial intelligence security surveillance company?

iBot was created to promote, sell, and service artificial intelligence (AI) security surveillance systems that use advanced technology, such as facial recognition and analytics, to monitor and protect against potential security threats.

Q What kind of services does iBot Co. Ltd. and an artificial intelligence security offer in Trinidad and Tobago?

We offer services such as CCTV installation and monitoring, facial recognition technology, and analytics for security threat detection.

Q How does artificial intelligence improve security surveillance?

Artificial intelligence improves security surveillance by allowing for real-time monitoring and threat detection through the use of advanced analytics and facial recognition technology. This can help identify potential security risks more quickly and accurately than traditional surveillance methods.

Q How does facial recognition technology work in a security surveillance system?

Facial recognition technology works by using a database of known faces to compare against live footage from CCTV cameras. When a match is found, an alert can be generated to notify security personnel.

Q Can you customize your services to meet the specific needs of a client in Trinidad and Tobago?

Absolutely, we can customize our services to meet the specific needs of a client, such as by adjusting the level of surveillance or the use of specific technologies or state-of-the art features.

Q What is the cost of using your artificial intelligence security surveillance in Trinidad and Tobago?

The cost can vary depending on the specific services and technologies used. It's best to contact us directly for a quote specific to your security concerns.

Q Can you offer Ai cameras in remote areas even with no wifi or electricity?

Definitely. We have our Go Green Extreme smart solar device that is perfect for remote areas using 4G LTE technology paired with artificial intelligence.