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Firstline Securities Limited Claimed

Creating Wealth

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Firstline arranges corporate and project financing, manages investment portfolios, trades securities and provides advice to repeat clients in T&T as well as in the French, Dutch and OECS territories of the Caribbean. They stay with us because we always deliver quality service and we can do that because we have:

• Specialist staff with extensive experience at the top levels of management in the regional financial services industry.
• A wide-ranging relationship network.
• Competitive & creative financing terms, investment ideas & corporate strategies.
• A well-guarded reputation for professionalism & integrity.

Our clients come from all walks of life. You are individuals, companies, and governments. You’re an entrepreneur seeking funding, a pension plan in search of returns, and a couple saving for retirement.

We invest in people, companies, and projects that we believe in; we create investment products to meet our clients’ needs, and we manage your money right alongside ours. You have our attention, 100%.