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D'pelotage Signature Wedding & Events Claimed

Creating Extraordinary Experiences.

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Weddings are considered to be one of the most important days in the lives of the Bride and Groom. On this special day, the bride and groom ought not to be burdened with the responsibility to manage complicated details and resources. D’pelotage Signature Wedding & Events Ltd makes the experience memorable for the wedding party and their guest by providing:

 Vendor Management 

Budget Management & Tracking 

Custom Décor Designs

Logistics and layout planning 

These Services are not limited or exclusive to weddings. We provide similar service for all clients.

Send us an email @dpelotage1@gmail.com or http://calendly.com/dpelotage1to book your Discovery Call Today!


Q Do you offer packages?

yes we do offer packages ,
we also have the option of customizing your package to meet you specific needs.

Q Do you only do weddings?

No, we also do corporate and special events.

Q what type of service do you offer?

D'pelotage offer:
1. Full wedding planning,
2. Luxury custom Décor
3.On the Day Coordination Service
4. Corporate Event planning and so much more

Q Do you do corporate functions?

yes, we do from conference, board meetings and dinners.