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Digi-Data Systems Ltd Claimed

Digi-Data Systems Limited is a leading provider of technology-based business solutions in the Caribbean. Established in 1984. Digi-Data is customer-focused and continues to differentiate itself through quality, innovation and the ability to fully comprehend how technology supports its customer’s strategic objectives. In many instances, effective support of an organization’s goals, allows the organization to maintain a competitive edge while simultaneously increasing productivity and profitability. At Digi-Data, we continually reassess ourselves so as to maintain and increase our relevance to our customers and their need for the use of technology to support their objectives. This is achieved through the building of strong business relationships, which allow us to have an intimate understanding of our client’s business needs. In turn, this allows us to find the best technology to assist in achieving your business objectives, and in defining the return on technology investment. Having been a Solutions Provider for over thirty (30) years, allows us to present diverse views on the many different issues and situations organizations face on a daily basis. This experience not only comes through the acquisition of experience, but also via professional training. All of Digi-Data’s personnel are required to be trained and certified in their areas of expertise so that the highest quality of service is provided and maintained. Our Mission at Digi-Data is to achieve and sustain profitable growth and to maximize customer, employee and shareholder value. Digi-Data will achieve this through the quality of its people, experiences and its technology solutions.

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