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Debbie Jollie Coaching Claimed


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‘The Stammering Communicator’

is my intentional use of a phrase many will say is an oxymoron!
I demystify the idea that people who stammer or stutter cannot be good at speaking or communicating with an audience.

Follow my journey and you will understand how stammering has been a catalyst for many of the things I do in life!

In 2013, I started my own business after working several years as a sales and marketing manager in corporate Trinidad and Tobago.

Since then, I have helped international businesses as well as start- ups grow their companies as a sales and marketing consultant, coach, trainer and digital media strategist/manager.

I have worked across the Caribbean, North and South American regions with a varied client portfolio; from entrepreneurs to middle management to C-Suite executives helping them to identify, strategize and realize company goals.

I have taken the knowledge gained in the Construction, Academia, Advertising, Distribution, Maritime and Retail to deliver direct, dynamic and practical solutions to their business problems.

My superpower is to help leaders get very clear on your goal and objectives and design strategies and tactics to deliver on that goal.