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Corporate Performance Management, Automation of Business Management and Reporting Processes

Transform the way you budget, plan & report by automation and CPM

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Q What is CPM

CPM is an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise (Gartner)

Q What are examples of CPM

Management Accounts, Management Reports containing graphs and charts etc, KPIs, Planning and Budgeting reports, Forecasting, Cashflow projections, Analytics eg Variance Analysis, anomaly detection

Q What does Online Technologies do

Online Technologies implements or supports the implementation of CPM in medium to large companies by providing software which automates routine, manual processes. Prophix Software helps you Report, Budget and Plan automatically. Online Technologies implements and supports the use of Prophix Software while providing advice on the optimum application of its features to simplify complex, time consuming tasks and revolutionise the way the Finance Unit works, providing them much more time for analytics towards operational and strategic decision making and value adding contributions eg process improvements, improving efficiency, increasing cost effectiveness' and other innovations.

Q How long does this revolutionary change take

Implementation takes approximately 6 weeks, including training and report building. Client Staff is empowered to create reports.

Q Does Prophix work with any accounting system, outdated systems

Your ERP is a transaction hub, collecting sales, purchases, payments and receipts, so no industry's ERP can give all the unique reports required by the organisation. Generally once it is an open system, Prophix layers over your data base to create amazing reports and access data previously considered irretrievable. even for closed systems, Prophix can be adapted to suit.

Q What does Prophix cost

Prophix's cost will surprise you as it avoids you changing out an entire ERP by re-energising your access to your data mine, without the cost of doing an entire IT conversion, within a reasonable expenditure range. Email us today for a demo and a quotation : sparmesar@ot.co.tt

Q Will we be given references for this software and service

Yes, absolutely and you may also look up ot.co.tt for any further information plus more will be provided upon request.