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co-rd Limited


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co-rd Limited was established in 2005, through the judicious merging of three (3) Architecture practices, three companies with different historical, project and special interest profiles, but with a strong, common and fundamental belief in sharing and also capitalizing on the experiences of these varied profiles.

This sharing forms the foundation for establishing a new model for practicing Architecture in an environment of openness, trust and common investment, where Architecture is enjoyed as a catalyst for initiating pleasurable and responsive relationships with objects, spaces, buildings, landscapes and environments.

co-rd pursues the practice of Architecture through the application of the collaborative and the organic to research and design.

Collaborative – co-rd encourages investment in openness, communication and discourse.

Organic – co-rd embraces the life flux created by responsiveness, connectedness, mutation and evolution.

Research – co-rd enjoys the processes of observation, assimilation and experimentation in understanding the world’s built environment and the world of built things.

Design – co-rd entertains the conceptualization and creation of objects, spaces and experiences for exploring the many ways of being.