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Class One Systems Ltd

Actionable engineering inteligence

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Class One Systems, serving the national security, government, surveying, oil, gas, energy, petro-chemical, manufacturing and telecommunication industries across the Caribbean

Who we are
We are a premier marquee niche player, providing unique engineering support service solutions to the Caribbean’s onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream, oil and gas and energy industries among others.

Our application solutions are designed around industry leaders, and all have been tried, tested and adopted as standard by leading multinational players in production operations all across the world.

Our Consultant
Our Principal Consultant has more than 30 years of international experience in consulting, design, engineering, maintenance, commissioning, and operations associated with our solutions.

These include primarily technology solutions, telecommunications, IoT, control systems, automation, and safety related systems for use on enterprise, national security, government, construction, offshore platforms, onshore facilities and around industrial plant environments.

Class One Systems ensure that our staff are exposed to the highest levels of training and knowledge transfer for all the solutions we represent. Therefore we can provide quick response times to problems and deliver cost effective, low maintenance solution