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Carvco Industries Limited Claimed

Commited to everything construction

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Carvco Industries Limited Primary Business is Architectural Services, Project Management, and General Construction. We provide you the client with a hassle-free experience and a quality product.

Carvco Industries Limited (CIL) is a dynamic company. CIL previously operated under the trade name Meek Architectural Solutions Services (M.A.S.S.). Our main business then, was General Construction, and Architectural Services.

Having our presence in the residential construction market for over five years, we gained considerable experience in traditional brick and mortar home construction and have built a reputation as residential experts. M.A.S.S was registered as a Limited Company which included the name change to CARVCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED. This re-branding exercise has facilitated the expansion of our services. Our services now includes Facilities Management, Property Development, and General Construction. We are also excited to bring to the market our innovative Low-Cost Housing System that is presently in development.