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Caption Consulting and Coaching Ltd.

Actualizing Clarity for individuals, teams & organizations

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Caption Consulting and Coaching Ltd. is a values-based business established with the mission of Actualizing Clarity for individuals, teams and organizations. An important part of our work is collaborating with clients on the clarification of their core values.  Knowing your core values help to break the cycle of setbacks in your life and business.  This depth of clarity allows our clients to resolve leadership dilemmas and setup the path for success on their terms.

We collaborate with those who are entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders and aspiring business owners. While the leadership roles are different, the common thread is the relational skills required for purposeful leadership. Our collaborative work with clients helps to build those relational skills to communicate effectively and build confidence. The first step in being a purposeful leader is the ability to lead yourself (self-leadership).

Key areas of engagement:

  • Executive Coaching 
  • Clarification of core values
  • Identification of roadblocks to business progression
  • Communicating as an Entrepreneur
  • Branding your business
  • Understanding Marketing for small businesses
  • Creating job profiles in alignment with business objectives