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Benoit Academy Of Steel Claimed


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The Benoit Academy of Steel Pan is an Educational, Multimedia and Entertainment Company in its two years of operation, registered as a Limited Liability Company located at #21-22 Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin. The vision of the academy is to become the global Academy for Steel Pan development and mission to educate students to achieve excellence in the study of steel pan, providing opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the life and creativity of the National Instrument.

This business is service and product oriented teaching steel pan literacy, entrepreneurship for steel pan professionals, sales of instrument charts for the steel pan industry and a 2D animated cartoon to teach young children between the ages of 6 to 9 years old all aspects of our National instrument and how it all began. Our main focus is developing the steel pan industry.

The academy has won the Ideas to innovation competition hosted by the Ministry of planning in 2014 to fund the academy’s animated cartoon submission to develop it to proof of concept. The animation is now in its second stage development.
We have taken a look into our industry and found that there is a big gap for steel pan innovation and development and we intend to fill this gap with our new ideas. There we are promoting steel pan to create a youth forum for youths.

Our current goals are to contribute to cultural development, maintaining the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago in promoting steel pan in an open forum for all to enjoy and to create jobs in the steel pan industry and opportunities to grow locally, regional and internationally.