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Afflatus Software and Consultancy Services Claimed

Integrating Technology To Create New Opportunities

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Afflatus Software and Consultancy Services is a modern software company located in Trinidad and Tobago focused on developing and introducing new technology solutions to sectors such as the energy, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agriculture and construction sector just to name a few. The skill set within our organization gives us the ability  to look at all tiers of an organization and work towards  customizing, integrating, designing and implementing application solutions required for all layers and groups within an organization. By doing this, it enables our clients to minimize cost, increase efficiency, tailor reports to help with decision making, create new opportunities for growth  by introducing specialized products that enable better  communication channels between the organization and their clientele. 


Q Do we develop custom software application solutions?

Yes we do. All of our solutions can be tailored specifically for our clients needs

Q Do you develop payment solutions?

Yes we do. We can develop for any device or on any platform

Q Can you help us provide the right software we might need to use in our organization?

Yes. We can help you develop potential avenues to take to use within your organization that will be cost effective