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Shipping Solutions and Services Limited


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Founded in 2004 and with over 45 Years of Experience, Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. constantly strives to provide the best shipping and marine services both in Trinidad and Tobago, and Globally.

As Vessels and Port Agents interact throughout various ports, Shipping Solutions & Services Ltd. is central to all trades and is responsible for organizing, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the port call, from booking Berth Allocations and services ahead of the vessel’s arrival to finalizing the accounts and other paperwork after the vessel has sailed.

Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is the conduit for all information exchanged between the vessel and the shore. Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is equipped with wide ranging and effective contacts within the Regulators, Vendors, Service providers and Port Operators of Trinidad & Tobago & Globally in order to ensure that the actions taken, and information provided, are correct and appropriate.

Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is fully conversant with the safety, commercial and
statutory requirements and regulations applicable to the Ports within Trinidad & Tobago and Globally. It’s the company’s aim at all times to ensure that vessels comply fully with regulations in order to guarantee that there are no delays as a result of failure to meet its obligations.

Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is in the business of Building Long Term Client Business Relationships by solving near impossible challenges and by delivering on promises made. Knowledge, Expertise, Experience, Innovation and Ingenuity are key to the Success of Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd.