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Gelix Solutions industries.Ltd


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Gelix Solutions Industries. Ltd is a business intelligence and ICT Solutions Company. We help businesses make critical decisions from the analytics of raw company data. Our range of ICT solutions includes the configuration and development of computer networks for companies

Business Intelligence Services

Using Data Analytics, businesses can optimize their performance. It can be used to implement new business models, improve cost management, assist with better business decisions or map customer trends and satisfaction which can lead to increased revenue. Some Key phases of business intelligence include:

 Data Extraction
 Data analysis
 Problem situation
 Decision Support
 Formulation of metrics
 Data Dashboards

We produce insights from manipulated data to unearth activity trends and patterns that can aid strategic decision-making and optimize a company’s performance.

ICT Solutions

ICT solutions provide a digital backbone to businesses for the purpose of data collection, transmission, processing, and storage. Services include the wiring of buildings to support the establishment of computer networks, server rooms, and cloud computing as well as other ancillary services for efficient digital infrastructure.

Gelix has been in operations for the past five (5) years in Trinidad and Tobago and has served clients in various sectors such as Finance, Telecoms, and government. We provide exceptional quality service regardless of the business sector or activity.